My Story

My name is Sieanna Cain. I am a singer/songwriter originally from Vancouver, B.C, currently living in the big city of Edmonton, Alberta. I play acoustic guitar and I sing.  I sing everything from folk, rock, pop, and even the odd rap cover song.

I fell in love with music at a young age. I didn't have the courage to sing in front of people till I was much older. I was the quiet shy girl who kept to myself. I moved to Alberta at the age of 12 and it wasn't till I was 13 that I picked up my first guitar. I was not what you would call a “natural”. But, I picked it up and never put it down. My first show was a school play, I was never so nervous in my life! I slowly started coming out of my shell and playing shows, open mic nights, and anywhere that would let me.

Fast forward to 2010.  I attended Nimbus School of Recording Arts and completed my certificate for Recording Engineer. I've come a long way since the shy girl who once wouldn't dare to sing in front of anyone. It wasn't till the last 2 years that I really got serious about my music. I took an online songwriting course in an attempt to advance my songwriting, I started an Artist Development program to work on and develop my craft, I really took myself to a whole new level. I started recording my demos in Vancouver mid 2015 and decided it's finally time for an album. So, here it is!

With this album I am looking to generate change in this world, generate and restore faith in humanity, and to fight for the things that are right in this world. This album is my life in song. It’s my beliefs, my struggles, my values and everything I stand for. “Time To Change” is my truth.